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Coloured Spam not moving from Inbox

Hi, first post.

Been using SS for a short wile now and just starting to understand how it works, however I’m unsure how to get the ‘less spammy’ spam to move automatically to the trash.

I seem to get a lot of pink,orange and purple colours remaining in the inbox…all of which are spam.

I have rules set-up for grey and blue as per the manual but I’d like these messages to go direct to trash as well…I was training them all before I read the bit about only up to a 1000 messages or so. Below are my stats…any help appreciated.

Ta, Jon

Filtered Mail
1,272 Good Messages
4,962 Spam Messages (80%)
227 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
109 False Positives
57 False Negatives (34%)
97.3% Correct

814 Good Messages
1,588 Spam Messages (66%)
85,486 Total Words

2,084 Blocklist Rules
2,549 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
07/12/2007 16:25

If you want the blue and gray messages to go to the trash and the other spam messages to go to the Spam mailbox, you need three rules:

  1. SpamSieve [Score] — actions don’t matter
  2. SpamSieve [Blue][Gray] — move messages to Trash
  3. SpamSieve [Spam] — move messages to Spam

If you just want all the spam to go to the trash, you only need one rule.

Thanks for the help.

I have reset the corpus and reset the rules to fire all SS suspected spam into the trash…which I’ll check now and again.

One thing though if there are other colours of spam in the trash do I need to train as spam…i.e. orange/pink etc?

No, because if it colored them then SpamSieve already thought they were spam (just relatively less spammy than some other spams).

Thanks…I think I know have a better idea how to train and set mine up…really impressed with the simplicity of it, and considering the amount of spam I get it’s a doddle to use.