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Compability with Mobile me

I’m new so forgive me. I can get SpamSieve to work with Mac mail but don’t quite understand how to get it to work with Mobile me. Can someone help an old man out?

What are you trying to do? Using SpamSieve with a MobileMe account in Mail is just like using it with another kind of account in Mail. When Mail moves a message (due to automatic filtering or manual training) the changes will be reflected on the MobileMe account and in all the mail programs that access it.

“Mobile me” Mail account
“Mobil me” is my mail account. There is no"Message" catagory within Mobile me so, there is no way for me to “train as Spam” or “train as good”. So my question is - is SpamSieve suppose to work with “Mobile me”?

MobileMe is really two things:

  1. A mail account that you can access from Apple Mail and various other mail programs (on Macs, PCs, and iPhones).
  2. A Web page (at me.com) that lets you access the messages in your mail account from a browser such as Safari or Firefox.

SpamSieve works with (1) but not (2). However, if you’re using a Mac (which is required for using SpamSieve) there’s little reason to access the mail account via a browser instead of a mail program like Apple Mail.