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Continued errors

I get a msg about missing files every time I launch Eaglefiler. They are usually named like these: text-2.rtfd, text-1.rtf, text-1.rtfd.

I don’t name files like that, so these are files created in Eaglefiler. I haven’t edited anything in Eaglefiler outside of Eaglefiler. Nor have I deleted files beyond deleting a record IN Eaglefiler. I haven’t moved any of these files, either.

I’m getting pretty frustrated. Reveal usually shows that Eaglefiler “expected” these files to be in Trash. I can’t seem to find any “Reveal in Library” anywhere.

(“This file is missing from the library. Click “Reveal” to see where EagleFiler expected the file to be. If you cannot restore the file, click “Reveal in Library” and then press Delete to remove the record from the library.”)

Please help.


Those are the names that EagleFiler picks when you use the New RTF button.

Do you use any synchronization software that might have moved them or skipped copying them?

Sorry, but I don’t understand that last sentence. If you don’t need the file and EagleFiler expects it to be in the trash, you should be able to get rid of the error messages by emptying EagleFiler’s trash.