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Copy source url

Does that request work for web pages saved as pdfs? I thought it did, but it’s not working for me now. (I recently switched from webarchives to pdfs.)

It should work if you create the PDF using EagleFiler (via the Web page format preference). If you use other software to create the PDF, there will generally be no record of the source URL, although this is settable via AppleScript.

Yes, that’s how I’m creating them. Copy url isn’t working; whatever was in the clipboard before attempting to use it gets copied, not a url. (It works fine for web archives and rich-text, though.)

I do have some older web-page pdfs that Eaglefiler captured, where the url function works … so it’s either inconsistent or stopped working at some point.

I just tested it, and it seems to be working here. Does the URL show up in the Info inspector? Are you using the menu command or the keyboard shortcut?

For importing , I use the keyboard shortcut. I’m finding the url in some documents but not most of the ones recently imported. (All show the site name in the “from” box, for what that’s worth.) It seems to be working erratically (below 50 percent on a wide range of sites) rather than not at all.

Is there a particular URL for which it consistently doesn’t work?

Now it seems to be working even on pages where it didn’t work before.