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Copying notes to spotlight comments

Is there any way to copy notes into the spotlight comments? Or are eaglefiler notes spotlight searchable? I’m sorry if I already missed this in the documentation. Ideally I’d love to have notes placed in spotlight comments perhaps similar to the prefix system already being used by eaglefiler. Perhaps they could be placed after tags and within brackets ].

I know spotlight is not ideal but at least spotlight comments look like they will be retained in OS X for quite sometime. I use a handful of tagging-related software and a lot of them have there own schemes for putting in the metadata. I think it is a big strength that eaglefiler uses spotlight for tagging, and it may be beneficial for some users if the notes could also be attached in the comments.

Thanks for your time and the wonderful software development.

EagleFiler notes are already Spotlight-searchable.

Eaglefiler Notes & Tags
I think it is great that you also included the notes to be spotlight searchable. In my ideal world I would love to have both tags and comments stored entirely in spotlight comments because of its integration with OS X. However, without seamless two-tagging between finder and eagle-filer it does not matter much for the time-being.

Unfortunately, all alternative tagging solutions in OS X are using different strategies because of the limitations of the current spotlight framework. I guess I can either wait on fully committing to tagging, wait to see what developments come after leopards release, use multiple strategies, or commit to a single tagging strategy such as Eaglefiler.

Thanks for all your hardwork, responsiveness, and commitment to this piece of software.

I don’t understand—why do you want EagleFiler’s notes to be in the Spotlight comments? In my view, comments are a fragile way to store data, so I wouldn’t want to put anything important there. EagleFiler’s notes support much longer comments, rich text, links, and graphics. They’re protected by checksums and stored as regular RTFD files, so they work with Spotlight, TextEdit, and other applications.