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(Cosmetic Feature Request) Widescreen View: Landscape, 3 vertical columns

I haven’t found this request anywhere in the forums: is there a way to view everything as 3 vertical columns in order to take advantage of wide screens?



No, although that’s a feature I’m considering for a future version.

I know this thread is old, but it hasn’t lost relevance for me.

I too would like this feature…
I have been looking for a PIM, and EagleFiler seems to be a remarkable good product for my needs, except for the interface layout, as I would like to be able to vertically expand both the item list and the content pane to a greater extent than is currently possible, since right now there needs to be a compromise between item list and content pane heights.

RATS!! I came to the forum today, and registered, for one reason-- to find out how to turn on a widescreen view. These postings break my heart, as the lack of such a view is a deal breaker. It’s just so much easier dealing with a widescreen view, as it cuts back on unnecessary scrolling. Oh well, now I’ll need to uninstall this trial and move on to competing apps. Just when I thought the hunt was over! Can’t believe the feature is everywhere but here in EagleFiler. And to think the requests have been out there for 2 years.

Double rats! But, at least the idea of having found my dream app was fun, while it lasted.

I’m aware that people want a widescreen view and am planning to add this feature. As the feature is already on the to-do list, and its development is driven by engineering considerations, additional “votes” are unnecessary.

The move to widescreen monitors is a complete bane on computing (for those of us not watching movies). I’ve got my eye on those old-school Dell 20" Pro monitors that are more or less square.

(Glossy screens are another bane, in which Apple is particularly culpable, but that’s a whole other subject.)

I want to say that Eaglefiler is great even if you’re stuck with a widescreen monitor, but I know people have different tolerances for these kinds of things, so I won’t.

Request for widescreen
I’d like to add a request for widescreen support in EF. I don’t use the preview window in EF on my MacBook Air because it’s just not practical with a small screen. The preview window would be more useable if it could be made widescreen.

We are now on the eve of the third year anniversary of the original post. Any movement re the requested feature? TIA.

It’s still planned. I’ve made some progress on the lower-level engineering changes that will be needed to support this feature. However, currently the priority is on some more near-term issues such as working around problems introduced by Mountain Lion, adding full Retina display support, and working with the application sandbox (so that customers who bought EagleFiler from the Mac App Store will be able to get updates).

I appreciate your response. Thank you.