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could not save library


"could not save library
keyerror: 349

com.c-command.Eaglefiler: 0 "

when I’m dropping new files in lib. It adds the files ok but generates an error every time.

Any advice on how to correct?



well, I did stop and restart the app and low and behold the error went away - along with the last 8 files I added…

Oh, well at least I know what to do next time…

Please send me the file:


so that I can try to see what went wrong. It would also be helpful if you could tell me what you had been doing with EagleFiler before the error occurred. Most likely, with this sort of error, the actual files are still in the library but, because its database wasn’t saved, EagleFiler doesn’t know about them. You should be able to find the missing files in the Finder, drag them to your desktop, and then re-import them.