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Custom background image and icons possible on Windows-compatible disc?


I am a little new to Mac OS X and I am trying to create a cross platform disc which will show a folder window with custom background and icons when mounted on a Mac, while also being readable on Windows XP and later. Is this possible? The custom layout and icons work perfectly on a Mac when burnt from a DMG file, but on Windows the disc appears empty (fair enough, this is an HFS+ only volume…). When I choose ISO image format in DropDMG, the disc works on both platforms but the custom layout option is greyed out in DropDMG’s interface. When I select CDR format, I can select a custom layout, but then the burned disk again fails to read on Windows, displaying as empty.

So is is possible to do this and have a custom layout on a Windows-readable disc? If not, how would you suggest I distribute my app, with an DMG in the root of a standard ISO? Or with a .PKG installer?

I’d be very grateful for any help anyone has, I’m trying to ship a cross platform game in the next few days, and have just noticed that it doesn’t work!


Currently, DropDMG cannot do this in one step. However, you can create a .dmg with the custom layout and then tell DropDMG to convert it to .iso format.

With DropDMG 3.1.3 this is now possible with a single step.