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Custom Icon for "To Import Folder"

it’s really just a minor issue but I better ask in case I’m doing it wrong: Is it possible to give the “To Import” folders a custom icon? Everytime I’m trying to do so by copying the icon and pasting it on the “get information” window in the finder it disappears after some time. Probably because the Information about the icon is stored in the folder itself and EF is trying to import it. Is there a better way to get a custom icon?


Yes, I think the problem is that EagleFiler is deleting the contents of that folder after importing. I’ll see if I can fix this for the next release.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.3.

sample icon?
What I’d like to do is drag the to-import folder to my dock - so a nice icon would be most useful. I’m currently using EF’s own icon, but that’s confusing when EF is running.

Does anyone have an EF-inside-a-folder icon to share?

I’m horrible at graphics, surely someone out there (or Michael, even?) has a neat icon or some tool to rapidly make such a thing?

Thanks in advance,