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Customized browser columns only in first window

First, I really like this app and I’m very impressed by the responsiveness of the developer. (Uh, oh. Here comes the bad news. :wink:

I’ve customized my browser window columns so I see the ones I want in the order I want. This works fine. When I start EF I get the browser I specified. But when I open a new browser window or select a record and ask to “Open in New Window”, I don’t get my customized browser. Sometimes I get the columns in the original, default layout. Sometimes a get a mix of the two formats. For example, I got rid of the Tags column and replaced it with Tag Names. In a new browser window, sometimes the first column is Tags, sometimes it’s Tag Names.

I’m reconsidering the design for a future version of EagleFiler, but the way it works at present is that each window remembers its own view settings. However, the settings will be inherited if you haven’t previously customized that window. You can reset the view settings by closing the library and deleting the State.plist file inside the .eflibrary package. Then new windows will inherit the previous settings, since there won’t be anything saved for them.