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Date Created and the Date Modified columns are empty

I have imported a bunch of messages from Outlook (latest version) in mbox format to EagleFiler. However, both the Date Created and the Date Modified columns are empty. I thought they would show the date the message was sent, as described in the Help file.

I don’t remember how I imported these messages so the problem might be there.

Is there a way to make the sent date appear?

Yes, that should happen automatically. Could you send me a screenshot showing the problem and/or one of the problem mailbox files so that I can investigate?

I was going to send you a screenshot but I first fiddled a bit with the columns and suddenly the dates appeared. The problem was that as soon as the width is not enough to show the entire date, or at least the year and month followed by an ellipsis, the dates just disappear completely. Since that’s how it was set up after importing I didn’t change anything and thought the dates were missing. I jumped to the forum too quickly, I think.

While I’m at it, I’ve been reading the manual, something I haven’t done in a very long while, and it seems to me there are quite a number of new things I didn’t know about.

Many thanks to you for great software.


Hmm, it should always show at least something, unless the system is unable to format the date. If the problem happens again, I’d be happy to take a look to try to see what’s causing that.

Hello Michael,

I’m sending you 4 screenshots a few seconds apart so you can see what happened. The first one, at 10.19.25 shows the dates a bit truncated. Then I reduced the width of the window a tiny bit before each of the next screenshots and the dates disappear in two columns except the top one that stays as a ghost in two shots before they all disappear.

The library is just a test I was doing with messages from Outlook so there isn’t much in it and it is not organized yet in any meaningful way.

The fifth screenshot shows my date format settings in Preferences.

Now that I know how to make the dates appear, my problem is gone but I still wanted you to see it.

Best regards,


Screenshots from Ellen.zip (1.5 MB)

I also see this behavior with EagleFiler 1.8.11 on macOS 10.14.6 (18G2022).

image image

Here’s a better variety of dates.

This is after narrowing the column a bit—just enough to start seeing the problem.

This is after switching away from EagleFiler and back. I did not narrow the column further, but the remaining dates seemed to disappear when EagleFiler redrew/refreshed the library window.

@domellen @larryv: Thanks for this additional information. I’ll see if I can figure out what’s causing this.

Please try the public beta of EagleFiler 1.8.12b1, which I think will fix this problem.

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That beta does not exhibit the behavior I described earlier, as far as I can tell. Yay!

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Problem solved! Thank you.

(see screenshot)


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