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Display Remote Images?

In Apple Mail, for the sake of good SpamSieve filtering, I can think of reasons to enable “Display Remote Images in HTML Messages.” I can also think of reasons to disable it.

Or maybe it doesn’t make any difference when it comes to identifying spam. In that case, it’s probably best to disable it.

What do you suggest?


In terms of SpamSieve identifying spam, it makes no difference. SpamSieve looks at the raw source of the message, so it doesn’t matter what Mail is set to display.

It’s not a good idea to display remote images in spam messages because when the image loads it can tell the spammer that you viewed the message. To prevent this from happening, SpamSieve tells Mail not to display the images for the messages that it thinks are spam. The setting in Mail’s preferences, therefore, only affects the way good messages are displayed, and you can set it however you want.

The more I learn about SpamSieve, the better I like it.