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doesn't catch spam

I am a new user. I have installed and double checked that my settings are correct. I have trained to over 100 messages in both good and spam categories, and the percentage is 62%. The program caught nothing at first then started to do so and for the past couple days has caught nothing, nor has it indicated upon receipt of any message whether it’s ‘good’ or spam’. It’s as though it went from working to not working. This happened after I bought the program, although I recall the directions for purchase said nothing was necessary to go from ‘trial’ to ‘purchased’ functionality. I also note that spam messages, many of which are similar, are all coming from slightly varied sender and domain names. I assume my email was stolen and sold to spammers who know ow to end run programs like this. Please help.

Most likely, something in your mail program is not set up correctly. This will prevent SpamSieve from being able to see any of the incoming messages. Please see What information should I include when I report a problem? and send in the requested information via e-mail so that I can help you.