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Drone+GMAIL and "Spam" folder

Hi Michael,

In the introduction for the basic setup you specify that a folder named “Spam” has to be created, and not SPAM or even spam. I understand the location can be moved, as indicated in the drone setup. I also understand that I shouldn’t be mixing apples and oranges. However…

In order to use the drone setup, Gmail will not allow “Spam” and I have seen your post about not using the same Spam folder as Gmail.

What I cannot find is clarification on the folder name. So my question is the folder really this specific in this instance, or could I call it “SpamSeive” etc.

Thanks for your time, I have been a happy customer for a long time. I left the drone setup alone after my first attempt which wasn’t pretty. I understand a lot more now having let it soak in for a few months.

Please note:

I also found my answer on page 33 of the manual. I however thought I might leave this post so it may help others in the future.

The important point is that SpamSieve needs to know that it’s your spam mailbox, so it knows whether to move good messages out of it. So it either needs to start or end with “Spam”, or you need to tell SpamSieve what name you’re using.


Thanks for the clarification.