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Drone IMAP Folders Don't Show in Outlook


I’m trying to get SpamSIeve to run in “Drone” fashion as so nicely illustrated in the manual. However, I’m running into a weird problem with Outlook:

I added Spam, TrainGood, and TrainSpam IMAP subfolders to my MobileMe account via Mail (v2.1.3 (753.1)) from one computer (running OS 10.4.11). All looks fine in this Mail application.

These folders also correctly show up in the Web Browser access to my MobileMe account from another computer.

However, I cannot get them to show up in Outlook (v 14.1.2) from two other computers (running OS 10.6.8).

The other MobileMe account subfolders that were in place previously show up just fine in Outlook, and Outlook otherwise runs well.

In Entourage and other programs I seem to remember a command to “Refresh the Folder List” or something similar, to match the IMAP folder list on the WEB with the folder list in the specific e-mail program, but I can’t seem to find any such command or technique in Outlook 2011.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Not elegant, but here’s a solution to this issue