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Drone mail stops working

This is probably not a spamsieve issue directly- but thought some might know of this issue. I have Imac '20, 10.8.2, with the most current version of SS running on most current Mail.

I have the Imac set up as a drone- so it still filters when I travel. Here is the issue.

Mail and SS seem to work fine for about 24 hours. Then mail seems to stop functioning on the drone. Basically stuck in time. So, then SS is not filtering anymore on my mobile devices.

Once I restart mail- everything is back in order. Then 24 hours later- it stops again.

This is not a problem if I am around the drone every day- but I am not.

Thinking it could be an energy saver issue- I have set the “computer sleep” to never, and “put hard drives to sleep” is NOT checked.

Comments, suggestions?


Do you mean that new messages are not showing up in the inbox in Mail? What does Mail’s Activity window (not the pane in the main window) show?

Also, once Mail gets into this situation, it might help to record a sample from Mail.

Thank you for responding. Seems nothing is going into the inbox. Example- I left last week on the 8th. All was working fine. However, by the 9th I could tell on my mobile devise that messages were no longer being filtered (everything was going to my mobile device inbox). When I got to the drone this morning (the 14th)- the most current email in that inbox was from the 9th. I restarted mail on the Drone and all caught up.

Given I already did the restart- I did not see anything in the activity monitor.

Let me add- I have two IMAP and one Exchange account on this Drone. All accounts stop getting emails.

OK, please check the Activity window and record the sample the next time this happens.

I am having the same problem

Ever since I set up the drone for SpamSieve, I’ve had nonstop issues exactly like yours. It’s driving me nutty. I just emailed in tons of activity samples, logs, and screenshots for help. Please advise!! It’s basically rendering SS and my Mac Mail totally unusable and creating a massive time waster for me in trying to run our business. Thank you for the help!

I received an e-mail from you with screenshots and the SpamSieve log file, but no samples from Activity Monitor. Please follow these instructions to record a sample and send it in so that I can see why Mail is freezing.