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Drop stack

In Eaglefiler I’ve always missed the ‘drop stack’ in pathfinder - i.e. an area you can drop files you are planning to copy elsewhere. You can then move around in the file structure, and then copy the files from the drop stack into the folder you’ve just uncovered. It’s a glorified cut and paste. The rather unfriendly position of the ‘unfiled’ folder, down the bottom, aggravated this minor quibble. Sure you can open up multiple windows etc but its fiddly.

The solution just dawned on me, and it’s painfully obvious. Create a top level folder called AAAdropzone. Now I can copy files into it from ‘unfiled’, and then navigate to the folder I want and the files are easily to hand.

I might even make numbered subfolders for the dropzone - to simulate pathfinders multiple dropzones.

I use the flag feature. On the toolbar, or under the Record menu item. Or command-shift-L.

The flagged files can then found by clicking the flagged tag close to the bottom.

I like it, because it doesn’t change the location of the file until the final move. And also because I prefer to click to identify files, rather than dragging files.

Yes but you have to remember to unflag the files you have moved - I tend to end up with files flagged everywhere. And with a separate folder you can have a number of different flag groups.

I’ve just started using it for bookmarks as well - ie bookmarks to folders deep in the folder structure that you use a lot. It’s a bit clunky but it works.