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.DS_Store not copied


I’ve been using DropDMG happily for quite a while to create disk images for distributing my application. Today I used it for the first time under Leopard and when I drop my DMG onto DropDMG (after I’ve set my background, positioned icons, etc), the resulting DMG does not remember those view settings and upon inspection I see that it does not have a .DS_Store file. Am I missing something here?


If you drag a .dmg file onto DropDMG, it will convert it to a different format without altering the files or folders contained by the .dmg.

If you drag a folder onto DropDMG, it will create a .dmg with the contents of the folder, however, this will not copy the Finder view settings, because they are not stored in the folder’s .DS_Store file. In order to set the view settings, please see this page.

Right, this is what I’m doing, but the resulting dmg doesn’t maintain the view properties because the .DS_Store file is not being copied over. This worked just fine under Tiger, unless I’m forgetting something (it’s been a while since I went through this process).

The contents of the .dmg file do not change when you drag it onto DropDMG. So if the view properties aren’t working, this is due to a problem with the original .dmg file, not with the conversion.

Hmm, ok. Well, fwiw, I reverted back to my Tiger system and, using the exact same DMG (note that I am dragging the mounted DMG to DragDMG, not the DMG file itself) it worked fine.

That’s not what the instructions recommend. Perhaps the view information didn’t get fully saved because you didn’t eject the mounted image.

Ah, ok. I’ve always been doing it this way because it worked on Tiger, but it no longer does under Leopard. I’ll try as you suggest - set the view properties, eject the image, and drag the .dmg file to DropDMG. Thanks for all your feedback!

DropDMG 3.0 offers much-improved support for creating disk images with background pictures, positioned icons, and view settings.