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Duplicates in Mailbox

I would have thought EagleFiler would catch and prevent duplicates in mailbox as well ?

I imported a mailbox from Apple Mail into EagleFiler. Then imported another mail which turned out had mostly same messages. I didn’t noticed this when i merged the 2 mailboxes in EagleFiler and saw duplicates in the result mailbox. Is that how EagleFiler is supposed to work ?

I have it resolved now, but for future, is there any easy way to find duplicates within a mailbox and remove them ?


No, EagleFiler doesn’t track duplicates within a mailbox. It tracks duplicates at the file level.

Not currently, but it’s a feature I’m working on.

See my thread from a couple of minutes ago
I seem to have the same problem perhaps caused by merging several inboxes which were created as a result of multiple imports. Now I have the daunting task of manually deleting dups, I guess.

I recommend that you delete the messages from Mail after importing them into EagleFiler. This will prevent importing duplicates later.

Now that you already have the duplicates, one option would be to export the messages. This will create an mbox file, and there are various utilities for removing duplicates from an mbox file. After removing the duplicates, you could re-import it. (Note that this import-export process will not preserve the tags or notes.)

An easier way is to use the new Remove Duplicate Messages script.