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EagleFiler and Michael Tsai are the Business


Just wanted to take a moment to publicly thank the developer (Michael) for writing such a great program and for being so on-top-of-it, customer service-wise.

I have to admit to having hedged on EagleFiler for about two years before finally giving it a real try – that’s about two years of time spent fussing about with a bunch of other notebook/archive/external-brain/file-management apps that could have been spent dominating in EagleFiler.

In terms of customer service: I’ve emailed Michael several times over the last couple of months about a few challenges I was having with applescripts and what-not (probably should have just posted it all here in the forums) and he’s proven himself to be extremely responsive, competent, and friendly to boot.

Anyway, just giving props where they’re due.

Thanks again, Michael.

P.S. While I’m on the forum: If anybody out there can tell me whether or not the encryption you get by creating a new encrypted library from within EagleFiler, differs in any way from the encryption you would get by dragging an existing unencrypted EagleFiler library folder inside a manually created, encrypted sparsebundle disk image, I’d appreciate you letting me know.

Happy thanksgiving to any of you American-types.

It’s the same. Either way, you get AES-128 or AES-256 encryption at the disk image level.

Dynamite, thanks Michael.