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EF does not work with Firefox 3 b4

I get an error from the capture key:

EagleFiler encountered an AppleScript error while trying to capture from Firefox.

Firefox got an error: Can’t get «class curl» of window 1. (line 6)

Dragging an dropping a URL and Import URL don’t work either.

Unfortunately, Firefox 3’s AppleScript interface seems to be buggy. It works on some Mac but not others. It might help to uninstall any Firefox add-ons that you have, since I know that a clean installation of Firefox 3.0b4 works on two of my Macs.

I’m not sure what you mean there. Those both work for me. What happens when you try to drag a URL to EagleFiler? What happens when you try to drag it to TextEdit? The Import URL sheet is totally independent of Firefox.

Just FYI: Same error in Firefox 3 Beta 5.

I filed a bug with Mozilla some time ago. Hopefully they’ll be able to get this fixed.

still a problem with the release version

It’s working for me with the release version, on a Mac with stock installations of Mac OS X 10.5.3 and Firefox. You may have something else installed that’s conflicting, or it may simply be a bug in Firefox. I recommend importing by dragging and dropping the URL, or using another browser, until this is resolved.

EagleFiler 1.4 includes some better error reporting if there’s a problem capturing from Firefox. It also adds support for bookmarklets, which offer a more reliable way of importing from Firefox.