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EF forcing discrete graphic card...


I have noticed, that on my MBP the EF is forcing use of discrete graphic card. That is OK when I am at my desk (I have external monitor anyway), but while I am flying to other continent it reduces my battery life (and therefore productive time) by about hour.

I see no obvious reason why EF should need use of discrete card. Over the last year or two many of my other applications were updated not to force discrete card so EF is kind of sticking up now. Could this be fixed in the future, please, Michael?


It doesn’t, but the system assumes by default that every app does. This will be addressed in the next version of EagleFiler.



I hate to be pushy, but what is the eta on the “next” version which will not force the discrete graphics?

This month.

EagleFiler 1.6 tells the system to use the integrated GPU.