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EF vs KeepIt

Can anybody who is familiar with KeepIt, make a comparison. Advantages of each.
And is there an Android version of EF ?

I don’t have time for a comparison but it’s night and day. EF beats it hands down.

I’ve tried most all of these types of organizers. Nothing like EF.

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And, as you know, there’s a generous 30 day trial. I tore into it the the first day.

I’ve used and own: Devonthink on mac and ipad, Curio, Nimbus notes, Tagspaces, Joplin, Onenote of course, outline, as well as trying to create my own with databases such as tapforms, mobidb, ninox and others.

There’s just something about Eaglefiler that intrigues me. It’s smart.

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I’m still trying EF, and in the meantime I found Keepit. Very similar to EF, and after a short trial I purchased it since a little cheaper. Yes, I like EF, I still have 6 times to open it, since January…
I want to get it, but keep delaying with Keepit behind my back. You said it right, it also intrigues me.
I used DEVONnote and before that iNote, tried GrowlyNotes, tried Yojimbo - all before discovering Keepit. Maybe the developer will offer a discount soon before Christmas :wink:

My understanding is that the prices for KeepIt (non-subscription) and EagleFiler are the same. That said, Black Friday is next week.

so it will be on sale ?

Yes, all C-Command products will be on sale here.



I’ve owned and used both.
KeepIt provides seamless iOS experience.
Depending on storage concerns, KeepIt also (as a positive to me) leverages your iCloud storage space and keeps data off iCloud Drive. This can be positive if you have multiple family machines and want to keep data accessible via an App but not available in Finder where it could be accidentally deleted by a “less concerned” family member.