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email from real email address but not spam

I get lots of spam from my company email account and they come from the real email addresses of employees. If I mark these as spam the email address shows up in the block list.

How do I train spamsieve to know the difference that the email is spam but the email address should not be blocked???

All you need to do is correct any mistakes that SpamSieve makes. If you want, you can put those addresses in your address book so that they’re never classified as spam, though of course that would mean that spam from those addresses would always get through.

So Spamsieve will learn the difference between spam and real email from the same sender even though their email address is in by address book & the blocked list?

If it’s in the address book and you tell SpamSieve to use the address book, it will always say that the messages are good.

Otherwise, it will learn the difference.

I am still not clear. So my problem is that my company email is sending lots of spam and it comes from the real email addresses of individuals within the company that are in my addressbook. Obviously I need to continue to receive email from them but I am trying to avoid the ones that are spam.

How do I accomplish this?

The easiest way is to uncheck Use Mac OS X Address Book in SpamSieve’s preferences.

By doing this though don’t I run the risk of spamsieve marking items spam. Does spamsieve not look at the content of the email even though the email address is approved the content is spam???

Well, it’s not possible to have it both ways. You can be super-safe and have SpamSieve only look at the address. Then, no matter what your friends write, their messages will always get through. But so will the spams.

Or you can have SpamSieve look at the content, too. Then it will catch the spams and let the good messages through, but there is the slight risk of a spam message in your inbox or a good message going to the Spam mailbox.

So it’s up to you to choose (for each address, if you want) which strategy you prefer.

Is there a way to have spamsieve not include my “@company” emails from the addressbook? These are the only ones creating spam. So if it is possible to keep the addressbook but exclude those that have teh “@company” email.

Yes, you can put those addresses on your card in Address Book so that SpamSieve knows to exclude them.