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EMERGENCY - please help me


I have used SpamSieve for years with gratitude, but woke up this morning to find that Mail had crashed. It’s a SpamSieve conflict and I have no idea what it is. I am using the latest version of SpamSieve (in fact I bought another brand new copy today and reinstalled it just to be sure). Mail will not stay open for more than half a second before it crashes, again and again and again, so I can’t disable the SpamSieve rule in Mail preferences. I have deleted EVERY TRACE of SpamSieve from my hard drive. What am I missing? PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME! I am 24 hours behind in my work from trying to solve this through Apple. I have tried everything they recommend. Nothing works. It is a SpamSieve problem. I’m running OSX 10.6.4 on a MacBook Pro. Please do NOT email me because I won’t get it until this is fixed. Please respond on this forum. Why don’t you have a phone number listed? This is ridiculous. I will never again use SpamSieve but I need to get rid of it first!

I did not see anywhere in your post why you think this is related to SpamSieve. No one has reported any cases where SpamSieve causes Mail to crash, and it certainly couldn’t be affecting Mail being deleted. (There’s nothing special about the rule.)

Some suggestions:

  1. If the crash is related to communicating with the server, you can prevent that by turning off your AirPort connection or unplugging your Ethernet cable before launching Mail.
  2. You can temporary disable Mail’s rules by moving the files:


to your desktop.

  1. Some Mail crashes are caused by a damaged file. You could try moving the files:

/Users/<username>/Library/Mail/Envelope Index

to your desktop, and Mail will re-create them the next time it’s launched.

Thank you - it worked
Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond right away. The Mail file was indeed corrupted. The reason I thought it was a SpamSieve problem is that it kept saying that Mail couldn’t locate SpamSieve in the Applications folder. I have Mail working again now, but I’m scared to reactivate SpamSieve because I kept getting that message.

Thank you again,

That’s a normal error message that means you uninstalled the SpamSieve application file without uninstalling the Mail plug-in. The plug-in cannot work without the application. (For safety, it will treat all the incoming messages as good.) When you reinstall the SpamSieve application it will work again.