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Entourage 2004, IMAP, Junk-E-Mail Folders


trying SpamSieve it works fine with POP but not with IMAP in Entourage 2004. Setting up filter rules like shown in the manuals, spam won’t move to dedicated folders. Spam stays in th the incoming folder only marked as spam. That’s wrong isn’t it?

I’m working on a german system. Maybe this is at first one mistake. Junk folder is called “Junk-E-Mail” not “Junk-E-mail” as in english. I’ve changed this with no effect.

Second, and I think this is the mistake, in Entourage you have many Junk-E-Mail folders if you work with IMAP. Now this is the question because spam isn’t move (move if spam rule doesn’t work): Which Junk-E-Mail folder I have to choose when I’m working with IMAP - the folder of IMAP account, the folder of local account? What is happen if I have two IMAP accounts?I think there is a mistake in the manual, because at the location in second filter rule you’ll see junk-e-mail but not the specified account. Anyway for me this question is getting confused.

Or does there exist other solutions to move spam automatically in IMAP folders when junk e-mail is detected by SpamSieve? Sorry for that - but for this the manual is a little cryptical. (I know when I’m training spam, spam is not moved to specified folder.)

Hope anybody can help me instead of my bad english.


I’m not aware of any problems using SpamSieve with Entourage 2004 and IMAP. Please note that even if you’ve already created a POP rule for SpamSieve, you must setup separate IMAP rules.

With the setup in the manual it should move the spam messages to the local Junk E-mail folder. In order for this to work with IMAP, you must create the “SpamSieve - Move Messages” rule and put it below the “SpamSieve - Move If Spam” rule.

I don’t think that would matter, since the folder is chosen using Entourage’s rule interface. What did you change, exactly?

You can choose whichever folder you want. Most people move all the spam to the local folder so as not to fill up their server.

If you want each account’s spam to go to the per-account folder, you could setup multiple rules. Just add a criterion to the rule to make sure that it only matches messages from that account, and set the action to move the messages to the per-account folder.

Thank you for detailed answer!

I have done all the things you’ve written. I think problem in detail are a result of my impatience training SpamSieve. Only one question be left. You wrote:

I don’t understand this, but thinking this is the answer. Would you please be kind enough to explain this with a screen shot?

Thank you very much in advance.


PS: For your information: On german Entourage 2004 there is add a seperate folder called “Junk-E-mail” by the script included in current version. This is an effect of localisation I think. In german we’re writing “Junk-E-Mail”. So I guess Entourage works case-sensitive.

You would have a single “SpamSieve - Move If Spam” rule. Then, for each account, create a rule like this:

Dear Michael,

many, many thanks for your help!

I hope I’ll understand it right: I use this rule-template instead of using “move if spam”-script, isn’t it? If so - wonderful :slight_smile:


No. You should still create the “Move If Spam” rule as shown here. Instead of creating “Move Messages,” create one of the rules shown above for each account. Make sure they are below “Move If Spam.”

Thank you again and sorry for confusion. I confused the two rules. Everythin is ok now!

Thank you a lot.


This plagues many of my customers.
Mr. Tsai,

This exact issue has plagued several of my customers and I know that we are setting the rules correctly in fact exactly as specified in the manual. What happens is that the first rule marks the spam as such and turns it grey, but the second rule doesn’t move the messages automatically. However, if you select the box or a subset of the box and choose “Apply All Rules” from the “Messages” menu, then the second rule works correctly, moving the spam. The one variation from this is that one customer was not even able to make work-around work unless they rebuilt the database. In all cases, the automatic process not working has not be relieved by rebuilding the Entourage DB, reinstalling office or SpamSieve, checking the hard disk for errors, running updates, etc. All of the machines in question have 10.4.8 or 10.4.10 and SpamSieve 2.64 and Office 11.3.7. I have this issue on both PPC and Intel Machines. The back end servers for this accounts are either Apple’s OS X 10.4.x Server (Cyrus) or Kerio 6.x. The only solution I have come up with is to move people to Apple’s Mail, which has worked perfectly; however, I have one customer who wants to stay with Entourage. Any ideas?

Please start at the beginning and tell me what you’re trying to do. This thread is about multiple IMAP accounts in Entourage, with the spam from each account moved to a separate Junk E-mail folder. The manual shows a different rule setup, in which the spam messages from all the accounts are moved to a single (local) Junk E-mail folder.

Please double-check that your “SpamSieve - Move If Spam” rule is above your “SpamSieve - Move Messages” rule.

Do you have “Do not apply other rules…” unchecked for the “SpamSieve - Move If Spam” rule?

Are there any rules in the Mailing List Manager window?

Thank you for your response…

I am indeed using the two rules exactly as specified in the manual and we are indeed using IMAP accounts and the rules are in the IMAP tab in Entourage. The first rule automatically applies and the messages that SpamSieve identifies as spam are changed to category “Junk” and labeled in grey. The second rule supposedly runs, but the email never leaves the inbox. If you then run the rules manually from the “Message” menu (Apply all rules), the mail is moved to the local or server spam mailbox as the individual user prefers (usually called “Junk-Email” at most of my locations). This has been an issue for me for some time. My only recourse has been to move people to mail.

Please double-check that your “SpamSieve - Move If Spam” rule is above your “SpamSieve - Move Messages” rule.

Yes the “SpamSieve - Move if Spam” rule is indeed the first rule

Do you have “Do not apply other rules…” unchecked for the “SpamSieve - Move If Spam” rule?

Yes I do as instructed in the manual.

Are there any rules in the Mailing List Manager window?

No, there are no mailing list rules.

Please check the Edit Categories window to make sure that you only have one category called Junk.

How do you know that the second rule was applied? One way to test it would be to add an action that plays a sound and then see whether you hear the sound.

You could also, for testing purposes, change the criteria of the second rule so that it applies to all messages and see if it then moves all the messages.