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Entourage 2008 Error

I just installed Office 2008 [Entourage 2008] on my G5 running OS10.5.4 and now regardless of the mail, I get a message like this:



While processing message “Test” (ID 50314), the rule “SpamSieve - Move if Spam” could not be successfully executed. Quit and restart Entourage. If this problem continues you might need to verify and rebuild the Entourage database.

Explanation ____________________________

The script could not be run.

Error: -1702


I’ve verified and rebuilt the database and there was no effect.

Any ideas?


Note, the e-mail I sent to get the error had “test” in the subject.

Try choosing “Install Entourage Scripts” from the SpamSieve menu, and let it replace the existing files.

Thanks Michael, so far so good, it looks like it worked.