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Entourage and non-Inbox folders?


I love SpamSieve and I’ve found it to be the best spam filtering program for the Mac. However, there’s one problem I’m facing that makes SS currently practically unusable for me (I just installed SS on a new Mac). I went through all the preferences and menus and could not find a way to disable filtering of other folders than Inbox. When SS is in auto-training mode, it scans (slowly, mind you!) every single mail in any folder I visit. I have hundreds of folders, and on my corporate account hundreds of public folders, some of them containing thousands or tens of thousands of mails. If I accidentally hit, say, “sent mails” (containing some 30,000 mails), SpamSieve will spend the rest of the day scanning them, with Entourage completely freezing. Even killing SS does not help as it relaunches itself immediately. Turning auto-training off is not the proper solution.

What is the point of scanning old archived messages, public folders etc.? How can I limit SS only to scan incoming, fresh mail? Can this somehow be done by manipulating the Entourage rules? I checked the FAQ and could not find anything on this matter… surely other people have encountered the same?

I haven’t heard of anyone else having this problem.

First, I don’t think what you’re reporting has anything to do with auto-training. Auto-training just means that after SpamSieve analyzes a message to decide whether it’s spam, it trains itself. So, really, the question is why is SpamSieve analyzing all these messages.

SpamSieve analyzes messages when Entourage applies the “SpamSieve - Move If Spam” rule. And since Entourage normally only applies rules to new messages, SpamSieve should only be filtering the new messages. Perhaps the messages are being marked as new on the server, for some reason.

In any case, you can restrict SpamSieve to just filtering the inbox by changing the “All messages” criterion in the rule to “Folder Is Inbox.” If you have multiple accounts, you may need to have one criterion for each inbox and set it to “Execute if any criteria are met.”