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Entourage - Not sieving for one account

This is probably an obvious one.

In Entourage:
I have 3 separate identities/accounts picking up email from a single pop3 account (with 3 aliases).

SpamSieve is not sieving for one of the identities/accounts.

In ‘Rules’, it sits at the top of the list.

Solutions welcomed. Thanks.

William in a rainy Glastonbury, UK.

“Identity” and “account” mean different things in Entourage. An identity is a complete Entourage environment, comprised of multiple accounts, rules, an address book, etc. You must follow the SpamSieve setup instructions separately for each identity. An account is a connection to a mail server that downloads messages for a particular username.

I’m not sure what you mean when you say you have a single POP3 account. Do you mean that you pay for one billing account and have three separate mailboxes/usernames? Does your Entourage rule say All Messages and look like the one shown below? What other rules do you have? Are there any rules in the Mailing List Manager window?

I hadn’t ticked the ‘Do not apply other rules …’ box

BUT now Entourage is not applying a Rule below to filter Good messages into the appropriate folder.

(To be clear: I’m only using one Identity, but several accounts.)


Then you should set it up as shown here.

OK. Done that.
Thanks for your help, Michael. Appreciated.