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Entourage Script Error

I am getting a pop-up window that says, “Error: While processing message “Important Information Regarding Your Verizon Wireless Account.” (ID 110552), the rule “SpamSieve - Move If Spam” could not be successfully executed. An unknown error has occurred in Entourage.”

“The script could not be run.”

I have re-downloaded SpamSieve and reinstalled it. No difference.

I am using Snow Leopard, but have the same problem under Leopard.

Please try choosing “Install Entourage Scripts” from the SpamSieve menu.

Problem Solved
Thank you for your help. I believe the problem is solved. I now think it was caused when I moved my Microsoft folders outside my start-up drive and replaced them with aliases. I wanted to access my email either with Leopard or Snow Leopard on the start-up drives.