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F1 Capture error & duplicate mailboxes with Mail on Gmail IMAP and Snow Leopard

Hi Michael,

I’m a new EagleFiler user who’s just getting up to speed on your fantastic product. I’m fairly technically inclined and would like to help troubleshoot this bug.

I’m getting some strange behavior when I try importing from Mail using the F1 capture key.
a) If a message is open in the active window (instead of selected in the Mailbox Viewer, i.e. my inbox), then pressing F1 gives the following error:
“The capture script for Mail reported an error:
Make sure that the viewer window is in front.”

b) However if I just select the message in the mailbox and press F1 then it does, eventually, import. Now I’m getting strange behavior where each time I import a message a new “Mailbox” is created in EagleFiler with names like “All Mail” and “All Mail 1” and “All Mail 2”. Each “mailbox” includes the one message I wanted to import. Why do I need all these duplicate inboxes? I just want my one message. See attachment 1.

c) If I press ALT+F1 and try to import a message, specifying the destination folder I want it to go into, then that folder gets a subfolder whose name matches whatever I put in the “Title” field of the ALT+F1 dialog. See attachment 2. Expected behavior is that the message just appears in the folder I said it should go into, without an extra “mailbox” type subfolder being created too. It should work just like capturing from Firefox.

Any idea what’s going on?

Thanks for any help you can offer!
Be well,

EagleFiler.log (doesn’t seem to mention capture logs)
2009-09-10 10:46:39,546 - appcontroller.pyc:151 Launched EagleFiler 1.4.9 (on Mac OS X 10.6.0) at 2009-09-10 10:46:39 -0400
2009-09-10 10:48:45,612 - jobs.pyc:539 error: <AddFileJob INBOX.imapmbox> DuplicateRecordError: DuplicateRecordError
2009-09-10 10:50:43,109 - tags.pyc:858 No record to tag for ID: 161
2009-09-10 10:50:43,110 - tags.pyc:858 No record to tag for ID: 197
2009-09-10 10:50:43,112 - tags.pyc:858 No record to tag for ID: 194
2009-09-10 10:50:43,112 - tags.pyc:858 No record to tag for ID: 194

Hi Andrew,

Based on what you’ve written, it sounds like everything is working correctly.

The capture key operates on the viewer window. So, to try not to confuse you, EagleFiler shows an error if it looks like you were trying to capture from a different type of window.

EagleFiler normally imports messages as mailboxes. Please see this page. If you only want to import one message, you could drag and drop it into EagleFiler instead of using the capture key. However, for the best efficiency I recommend bulk storage of messages in mailboxes. To achieve that, you can import messages in bulk or merge the mailboxes after the fact.

Since the unit of importing is the mailbox, the import options apply at the mailbox level.