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F1 & exchange2007 mail etc.

Michael, I tried using F1 to capture mail downloaded at work from exchange2007 using Mail . I keep getting error that the message is not on disk . Any remedy soon I was excited about exchange support so I can organize my mail and docs using a unified method …EF !!

Also, why am getting Inboxes created every time I use F1 to capture mail ?

On onother note : the tag cloud is getting long , any chance of polishing it up using perhaps groups with a simple button to expand and collapse ?

Keep up the good work !

EagleFiler’s capture key does not currently support Exchange mailboxes in Apple Mail. You can still import individual messages by drag and drop or move the messages to a local or IMAP mailbox before pressing F1. If you’d like to try a pre-release version of EagleFiler that can capture from Exchange mailboxes, please contact me via e-mail.

Each mail import into EagleFiler creates a new mailbox, because it’s not obvious whether the messages should be combined with an existing mailbox and, if so, which one. You can merge the mailboxes manually, if you wish.

How would the groups be determined?

Tag groups
I was just thinking of a basic group feature which the user can manually just drag and drop tags in to a basic bullet that could be clicked on to expand that particular group .

Mail box
I see. However, if I just wanted to add the email to an existing folder which combines emails and other documents that are related , then I would like just im port it with out other extra steps other than perhaps tagging it . Perhaps creating a preference where creating a new mail box altogether is skipped would streamline this from the user side . Thanks

If you have a folder in EagleFiler, you can import an existing e-mail into it by dragging and dropping. If you have a mailbox in EagleFiler, it won’t contain any documents because mailboxes only contain messages.

How do you propose that EagleFiler determine which existing mailbox to add the messages to? In your example, the messages are in the inbox in Apple Mail, but you probably have a project-specific folder in EagleFiler that’s not called “Inbox”.

Drag vs. F1

I have somewhat the same challenge as Khalid. Drag and drop does get the email into the folder I want without creating a new Inbox. However, drag and drop converts the email to plaintext RTF whereas F1 imports it as an eml file with embedded attachments (at least from Entrourage). Since the latter (eml format with attachments) is what I want, drag and drop doesn’t work for me.

F1 imports as eml with attachments but always creates a spurious (for me) Inbox which necessitates the additional steps of copying the eml from the Inbox to the folder I actually designated in the F1 import and deleting the Inbox. It would be REALLY nice to have a way to import mail as an eml directly to a folder without the additional steps.

Except for this, I like EagleFiler a lot and appreciate the good work you’re doing. Thanks!


No, the capture key imports as mbox format.

Which version of Entourage do you have? On my Mac, when I drag a message from Entourage to a folder in EagleFiler, it creates a .eml file.

I suppose that’s true and why it creates an Inbox. Once I drag it from the created Inbox to the originally specified destination folder its in eml format.

I’m using Entourage 2008 (version 12.1.5). Note that I’m dragging it directly to a folder in EF, not to an Inbox. I.e. the goal is to be able to combine imported email (in eml format) with other documents in an EF folder.

That’s what I’m doing, too. Could you post a screenshot showing what you’re dragging? What happens if you drag to a folder in the Finder?

Michael, I attached a zip with 8 captures as follows:

  1. Entourage with a sample message in my inbox (with an attachment)
  2. EagleFiler with an empty sample library i created (just a single folder in it)
  3. EagleFiler after dragging & dropping the message from Entourage inbox to the “Stuff” folder in EF (note it’s an RTF document)
  4. Screenshot of Entourage with the EF capture window showing the Option-F1 capture in progress.
    5&6. EagleFiler after the Option-F1 capture (new Inbox created under the Stuff folder containing the email)
  5. EagleFiler after dragging the message from the new Inbox to the Stuff folder (now the message is in Stuff as an eml message as desired)
  6. For comparison, here’s what I get if I drag and drop the message directly into finder – it’s an eml file.

Hopefully, this is helpful. Let me know if I can answer any questions. Oh, in case it matters here’s the full set of versions: EF - 1.4.9, Entourage 2008 - 12.1.5, OS/X - 10.5.8



Please indicate in the picture exactly where you are dropping the message. If I drop it onto EagleFiler’s Dock icon, I get an RTF file, but if I drop it onto the folder in the source list or onto the records list, I get a .eml file.

Attached an image with arrows showing the three places I’ve tried dropping the message. All three give me an RTF file.

One more interesting data point. I tried dragging the message to finder (which creates an .eml file), then dragging the eml file from finder to EF. This yields an eml file in EF…

Do you see any errors about promises when you open the Console application and look in the All Messages section? I think you may be running into a bug in Entourage or in Mac OS X 10.5.8. It works for me with 10.6.1, but with 10.5.8 I cannot get a .eml file dragging to EagleFiler or other Cocoa applications such as Path Finder.

Looks like I get these three messages each time I drag & drop:
10/12/09 11:04:17 AM EagleFiler[335] Couldn’t get a copy of an HFS Promise from the pasteboard
10/12/09 11:04:17 AM EagleFiler[335] Couldn’t get a copy of the FSSP data from the pasteboard
10/12/09 11:04:17 AM EagleFiler[335] Looked for HFSPromises on the pasteboard, but found none.

That’s what I expected. Sorry, I don’t think I can do anything about this except suggest that you update to Mac OS X 10.6 or drag to the Finder first.

EagleFiler 1.4.10 can capture Exchange messages from Apple Mail.

EagleFiler 1.6 will do this automatically if you only had one message selected.