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F1 in Firefox suddenly stopped working

I’ve had no problems at all with Firefox – didn’t even know there were compatibility issues – but suddenly I’ve been getting the dread message that EF can’t save the page I’m looking at. Multiple sites today.

I don’t have Default Folder X, and can’t think of any recent software change that would have caused this.

I just transferred my bookmarks over to Safari. What a drag. (I found the alternative bookmarklet solution confusing: when it prompts you to open the page you’re looking at in Firefox with an application, what does it want – Firefox? EF?)

It’s working fine for me with EagleFiler 1.4.9, Firefox 3.5.2, and Mac OS X 10.6. What are you using?

What about recent software changes that you don’t think would have caused this? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. What did you do that elicited the prompt, and what does the prompt say?

I put the bookmarklet on the browser. (First I tried “Import to EF,” then “Import to EF as Webarchive”). When I hit the bookmark, a window open that asks, “What application would you like to use, to do this?”

Try picking EagleFiler.

I get it–it’s a one-time request. I thought I’d have to do that each time, which seemed bizarre.
Fortunately, Fn-F1 is working for me again in Firefox, for now. I’m also set up to work in Safari. (Had never exported bookmarks before.)

There should be a checkbox to have Firefox remember which application to use to open x-eaglefiler links. Personally, I think it’s kind of odd that it asks at all since EagleFiler is the only application that claims to be able to open these links.