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Currently, the EagleFiler Window shows:

  1. Source List - as left-sided side bar
  2. Records List - as a pane at the top-half of the window
  3. Record Viewer - as a pane at the bottom-half of the window

I request that EagleFiler be also capable of showing these window areas in a 3-column view (or multi-column view) similar to the Finder’s column view.


  1. Source List - as left-sided side bar (left column)
  2. Records List - as middle-column
  3. Record Viewer - as right - column

Each column can be adjusted in width.

If there are more folders nested, then there can be multiple columns which can be scrolled sideways.

This would make it more convenient to see the hierarchy of folders and view records.

R. Mariano

Additionally, the last column on the right is always the record view.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m definitely planning to add support for a 3-column widescreen view. I’m not sure yet about supporting multiple columns that scroll.

Hello - new trial user here. Happy so far with the software, but the horizontal layout of the two panes is maddening to me, and I want to see if this feature request is any closer to being implemented. Since documents are generally vertical in orientation, the horizontal preview forces the user to use either a horizontal sliver of the document, or to shrink it too small to be legible and wastes all kinds of space on either side. I’m curious why it was set up this way–is there some group of users out there who work extensively with landscape documents? Path Finder shares the same odd (to me) design choice. In any event, is this feature likely to arrive any time soon?

I read mostly portrait documents, and I much prefer the traditional Mac layout with the list atop the preview. I think this is because (a) I like to see lots of columns in the list, which the widescreen/three-column layout can’t accommodate, and (b) I typically only want to see fewer than ten list items at once. So this layout lets me see more, in a narrower window, which means that I can put another app’s window to the side. For example, I can simultaneously view receipts in EagleFiler (at the left) and my financial app (at the right).

It’s a high priority, but it will not be in EagleFiler 1.6.

And when will EagleFiler 1.6 be launched approximately? 2 months? End of this year?

Software schedules are notoriously unpredictable, but I would guess within two months.

Thanks for the thoughtful response. Partly a hardware issue, I think–I have been traveling a lot lately, and was using EF primarily on my Air, so needed every bit of vertical room I could get. I also work with large numbers of documents created by others, which have limited useful metadata, so many columns is not that useful, and I often want to see a lot of document titles, so I can find the one I want. Looking forward to 1.6 and eventually to a three-pane view option. Thanks.

Thanks for the follow-up. Yes, from my perspective, three columns would be most useful on a small screen like an Air’s. Meanwhile, you might find it useful to drag the splitter so that the viewer is very tall; use that to view your documents. Then you can press [Command-](http://c-command.com/eaglefiler/manual-ah/show-record-viewer) to quickly hide the viewer and see lots of document titles.

Brilliant! I missed this shortcut in my first pass through the manual. This works very well. The best part is that I had changed the “capture with options” key to be CTRL-, since I find F keys inconvenient on a Mac keyboard. So the “” key was already mentally associated with EagleFiler. Purchased a license today, thanks!

Hi! I could not find the 3-Column View described here in the current version of EagleFiler (2016!). Am I missing something or has this feature not yet been implemented? What is the status? Many thanks!

It has not yet been implemented but is a high priority for the next major version.

3-Column-View has still not been implemented as far as I see (version 1.8.1). What is the status yet?
Thanks, K.

Like I said above, it’s a high priority for the next major version. Version 1.8.1 is just a maintenance update.

Thanks! The feature is most wanted by me as most of my managed stuff is portrait oriented. It would give EagleFiler a big plus.
Regards, Kalkant

Wish for 3-Vertical-Column Viewer Window for Eaglefiler

Just checking in. I did not realize so much time has passed since my original post on 8/10/2012 (!) wishing for a 3-vertical-column view for Eaglefiler.

The idea is for a view that is similar to the modern MacOS Mail Viewer Window.

This would make it so much easier to read long text and PDFs.

Thanks for your work.

I just purchased an additional copy of Eaglefiler - this time through the Mac App Store.

Thanks for your patience and support. This has taken longer than I would have liked as well. The reason is that it is part of a major update to EagleFiler, which is still in progress.

Great, I’m for the major update
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the update.

I’m looking forward to the major update!

I 'm thrilled to hear that you are working on this.

What would be awesome is for the records list pane to have a card view - where each file is a card with small preview+title+some metadata like tags or date. To be able to view and scroll through the records visually like Evernote.

I realise this is a major feature, or even a separate feature request.

Perhaps it’s even already in the works for your new major version. But it sure would be a boost.

Thanks for the suggestion.