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FEATURE REQUEST: Custom Applescript Menu

Eaglefiler can be Applescripted. This is wonderful.

But Eaglefiler does not show a custom Applescript Menu like other applications do.

For example PDFpenPro has a custom Applescript Menu that shows to the right of its last regular menu. Smile On My Mac stores its applescripts in /Users/MYACCOUNT/Library/Application Scripts/com.smileonmymac.PDFpenPro/ They automatically add default Applescripts to this folder when PDFpenPro is installed. And it’s Applescript menu has the option to open this scripts folder.

I wish Eaglefiler did the same - including the applescripts described on its support site.

Interestingly, work on this must have occurred in the past.

When I explored the Application Scripts folder, I found this folder: /Users/MYACCOUNT/Library/Application Scripts/com.c-command.EagleFiler.EagleFilerShare

Unfortunately, adding Applescripts to this folder did nothing to EagleFiler’s behavior. Nor did Eaglefiler show an Applescripts menu.

This is because macOS has a built-in Script menu. To enable it, please see the instructions here.

No, because the system Script menu has been available since before EagleFiler existed.

The system prefers menu scripts to be stored in the Scripts folder. The “Application Scripts” folder has a different function; this is where you can put scripts that you want to give permission to a sandboxed application to execute (for example, scripts that are executed from a Mail rule).