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Feature Request: Easy way (via keybd) to go from file name to tag bar

In scanning and filing documents, my workflow usually involves, importing scanned documents from the finder, moving to Eaglefiler (EF), clicking on the unread smart folder to find the documents, opening in Preview each one one at a time, cropping or rotating or otherwise manipulating the document in Preview, closing & saving in Preview, switching back to EF, clicking on the tab bar at the bottom to add tags, and then moving the document into the folder of interest (actually, I have to do this later, since it first disappears out of the unread folder after the tags are added). It would be helpful if I could tab from the filename window to the tag bar and back. Can this be implemented? If not, can there be another easy way to move between these places? Thanks.

I think the way I’d do this would be to edit the file in the Finder first, then use Capture With Options to bring it into EagleFiler and set the tags and folder all in one go.

You can go to the Tags bar using Command-Shift-T. To go from the Tags bar to the Filename column, press Tab-Tab-Tab-Return. Or perhaps you would prefer to do this within the Info window.