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Feature Request: Filter bad URLs

I just had SpamSieve accept as “good” an e-mail spoofing Amazon.com. Things looked reasonably professional, but the real address for the URL listed was totally bogus.

It would be nice to have SpamSieve be able to do checks on the visible vs. real URLs and flag the message as spam if they don’t match (or at least don’t have the same starting path). Since the rest of the message and addresses might be ok, I’m usually afraid to add these kinds of messages to the corpus since I wouldn’t want to miss a real piece of e-mail from these companies in the future.

You must accurately tell SpamSieve which messages are spam and which are good. Do not try to outsmart it by letting it think that certain spam messages are not spam. SpamSieve does do a variety of checks for suspicious looking URLs, but if you don’t tell it that the messages are spam, it will start to consider phishy URLs as a sign that the message is good.

Thanks for the response. Next time I’ll try to read a little bit more of TFM before posting.