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Feature request: integration with Skim(Notes Framework)


I use Skim as my main PDF-annotation tool, and like EagleFiler’s compatibility with it. However, when browsing through a pdf, the default viewer in EagleFiler is not able to show Skim comments and annotations (although search is able to).

Recently (more or less), the Skim developers have released a framework (SkimNotes Framework) which allows embedding of Skim views in other apps. More information on http://skim-app.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Interaction_with_Skim#SkimNotes_Framework.

Would it be feasible to integrate this framework with EagleFiler, or to use Skim as the default PDF viewer in EagleFiler?

Thanks in advance,

Bram Adams

My guess is that it will be possible to use that framework in EagleFiler. I’m planning to do so but haven’t tried it yet. It’s always been possible to change the default PDF viewer.

I’d vote for this as well – it would be nice to see my highlights in the record viewer.

Note that if you do that, you’ll have all the functionality you are asking for. (I thought the brief reply might not have driven that fact home.) Open any pdf, right click, and switch the “open this document with” application to Skim. Then check the box that says to do this in all cases.

Then you can read Skimmed docs, highlighting and all, in the EagleFiler view window.

{Edit: Actually, now I think I realize you’re stuck with the Skim edits you made before you imported the file. I need to experiment some more …}

Yeah, I have Skim as my default PDF viewer and don’t see any highlights. Not really a big deal, but it would just be a nice little touch : )

You don’t see highlights in Skim, or in EagleFiler?

Sorry for the confusion: I don’t see any of my highlights in EagleFiler’s bottom pane (the preview pane? record view?), but when I hit “Open With Skim”, the highlights are there.

OK. That’s the expected behavior for EagleFiler 1.4.2. It shows annotations that are part of the PDF file, but not the ones added by Skim.

As long as we’re talking Skim, I have a quick question: I think I saw in another thread you recommend saving Skim files as .pdfd, since Skim will then save the .pdf and highlights/notes as a separate file (.txt or .rtf). Is that your recommendation?

Yes. Using the .pdfd format makes the highlights/notes more durable and searchable via Spotlight.

EagleFiler 1.4.3 incorporates the SkimNotes framework so that Skim notes and hightlights can be viewed within EagleFiler.

Thanks! I really appreciate your attention to customer service, including following up on all these forum posts.

Yes, thanks for adding this!