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Feature request: Merging EF records

I often find that I would like to merge several EF records together. For instance, I just composed an email to the OmniGroup support about what may be a bug. My outbound mail is saved in EagleFiler as an email. I forgot to tag it. I got an automatic response from the OmniGroup. I would like to associate the response email with the one I sent (both are at this point in EF).

Sure, I can tag both emails, create a smart folder, etc. This takes time I wish I did not have to spend. I think it could be really useful to have a feature in which simply dragging one record over another will result in an action (or actions) that would create an association. I have a couple of ideas, which may or may not make sense:

  • Create a regular folder with the name of the record that the second record is dropped on.
  • If any of the records have tags, tag both with each other’s tags (maybe have a popup for tagging options or an esoteric setting)
  • Merge the two records into one - probaby the most problematic and bad idea, but figured I’d voice it.

It is that I find that this type of ‘ad hoc’ association of EF records is something I want to do very often, so I think that I am not unique in that respect.



This is something I’m planning for a future version. In the meantime, here are some options:

  1. Use Copy Record Link and then paste the link for one record into the other’s Notes field.
  2. Use an AppleScript to group the selected records in a folder and possibly adjust the tags.
  3. If the records are individual e-mails, you could select them and use Merge Message Files to combine them into a single mailbox.

Thanks, Michael! I think the first option is the easiest. Looking forward to this functionality being implemented in the product.