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Feature Request: Multi-file search-and-replace

Would be nice if the robust search engine on EagleFiler 1.2.2 could be used with a search-and-replace, for changing words that are being used in multiple files.

Thanks for the suggestion. Which kinds of files would you want to search/replace in? (Some of the file types that EagleFiler displays and searches aren’t editable.)

Hadn’t Considered That
Hadn’t considered that. (Actually, I’m converting many of my files to .rtfd files due to the transparent editing feature on EagleFiler. The only real problem with converting is losing headers, footers, and list formatting.) So I’m thinking that being able to edit Rich Text and Plain Text would be great. Of course, being able to edit HTML would be nice, too. (Hint hint.)

How hard would it be for EagleFiler to open a file, thereby launching its parent application, and launch a find-replace task in that application? I’m assuming that the parent application is totally scriptable.

But that probably goes way beyond what you envisioned for EagleFiler’s feature set. Just a thought…

I guess it wouldn’t be too hard if the editor application were scriptable enough. I’m not sure which RTFD editor you have in mind. Perhaps this could be implemented as a script that acts on the selected records.