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Feature requests: text file button, copy filename and/or path

  1. New Text File button I can put on the toolbar (like the new rtf file button) - I use text files a lot for my own notes. I know the functionality is in a menu - a button would be useful.

  2. I often need to paste the name of a file as a reference in my reports and notes. Two functions that I would find very useful are

copy filename
copy filepath

They could be right-click functions next to the Copy Source URL/Record Link. Buttons to invoke each of them would be even better.

They aren’t essential - copying filename can be done other ways and copying filepath can be done by revealing in finder then many ways from there … but they would be very nice.


I’m planning to add a dedicated button for this, but for now you can Option-click the New RTF button.

I’ll consider that as a feature request. For now, you can use the Copy Filename and Copy File Path AppleScripts.

EagleFiler 1.6 adds a toolbar button for creating new plain text files.