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Feature suggestions: encryption and index


I’ve been reading the Deep Litter blog, and it has an ongoing review of PIM software. In its first article she lists what feature she needs, and I found that EF was pretty close, with one exception: encryption at the record level. I have no idea if there is an easy way to do it (embedding some kind of GPG encryption maybe, to have ways to decrypt without EF running), but it would be nice.

Another feature she suggests in her second article comes from Circus Ponies Notebook: it’s the availability of an index (a list of words occurring in the documents with the number of occurrences). This could also be a nice addition (and if clicking on the index would show a window with the appropriate search, that’d be even better).

Thanks for reading all this,


Thanks for the links. I’ve been planning to add encryption, but it will take a while to do it right. As you say, the encrypted files should be accessible without using EagleFiler.

The index idea also sounds good.

EagleFiler 1.2 adds support for encryption at the library level.