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Features request

After using EF for a few weeks I must say I’m very happy with the application and with developer support.

Since anything can be improved, I list hereafter my request for new features:

  1. Identify searchable PDF

  2. when importing with options a Web page EF could show the importing preference (PDF, plain text, web archive, etc) and give the possibility to override this general preference. I also noticed that the note set for previous importing operation is not reset when launching a new import.

  3. Add a regex filter inside smartfolders creation/edit.

  4. Give the possibility (preference option) to have the “Inspect” window always shown as a third pane below file list and preview pane.

  5. Open multiple libraries with tabs in a single EF window. In each tab it would be nice to have a summary of activities going on on the library (e.g. the activity that is top of the list in the “Activity” window)

  6. Implement batch renaming for file names and titles working with regex.

  7. Add a checkbox on the left of each tag in the taglist at the left of the main window. You can then select one or more tags to have a quick filter on records. A selection box would also be needed to choose if multiple tags have to be treated with an AND or OR logic. I know it can be done with smartfolders but suggested way is quicker and filter criteria is always visible.

  8. Last, for all old guys as I am, i would ask for bigger tag symbols displayed in the records list. They should also be separated by more blank space.


Thanks for the suggestions.

Could you explain more about what you want here? What are you trying to accomplish?

Smart folders already support searching via regex.

You can do this with the Replace in Filenames (Regex) script.

You can already multi-select (hold down the Command key) to filter by multiple tags, no checkboxes needed.

The symbols will get bigger if you increase the size of the lists font in the preferences.

  1. I simply would like to have something like “Searchable PDF” or “OCR’ed PDF” instead of plain “PDF” in the Kind column of record list pane.

  2. My request was not clear. I meant to have the symbols bigger that the size used for the rest of the text in the list pane (e.g. text 11 and symbols 13).


Is this to keep track of which ones you haven’t OCR’d yet?

OK, thanks for explaining.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.5.7.