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File Storage & Software Selection

Is it possible for EagleFiler to let the user select software to read certain types of files? For example I would like to store Excel files in EagleFiler and use Excel to see them. I’d also like to store FileMaker files in EagleFiler and use Filemaker with those files. And I’d prefer not to have to use TextEdit for viewing text files.

I don’t know if this complicates the programming but being able to store any kind of files in EagleFiler and select the software I use to view those files would be a big benefit to me. Thanks for listening.


It’s not necessary to set in EagleFiler which application you want to use. For example, today you can use the Finder’s Get Info window to set which application will open text or RTF files (specific files, or files of a certain type), and EagleFiler will respect that choice.

Support for other types of files, e.g. Excel, is high on the to-do list.

With EagleFiler 1.1, you can do this.