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filter subject line?

How does spamsieve handle subject lines?
My email does first go through a company spam filter, but due to legal
restrictions here, they are not allowed to remove the spam, they can only
tag it. So the tag the subject line with *** SPAM*** before the rest of the subjet
line. Most of the time this is legitimate Spam, some of which Spamsieve does not catch, though overall SPAMSIEVE does a better job.
Anyhow, is there a way to give the subject line a score as well?
However, email with SPAM in the subject line should not be removed automatically, because there are the occasional legitimate ones.
Any suggestions?
PS: I use eudora on a mac os x.

best wishes

It learns to recognize the words that appear in the subject, and you can also add your own blocklist rules for matching the subject.

Such subject markings are often inaccurate. They tend to be correct for the easy-to-catch messages and incorrect for the harder ones. So SpamSieve ignores them.

The subject is automatically considered as part of SpamSieve’s overall statistical evaluation of the message.

My basic recommendation is not to over think this. Do the initial training as instructed, and be consistent about correcting SpamSieve if it classifies a message incorrectly. Don’t try to outsmart SpamSieve by lying to it about which messages are spam. Make sure that you have some address book protection. If you follow these basic guidelines it will do the right thing.

For the best possible accuracy, especially with the PDF spams that you mentioned, you should not use Eudora. This is because Eudora doesn’t let junk mail plug-ins (including its own SpamWatch) see the contents of the attachments.

Ah, yes, it’d help to read the manual :slight_smile:
As to using Eudora, and marking emails, well, I’ve got >27000 emails stretching back to 1995… so I’m a bit relucatant to change things, and my address book is hardly complete.

Are all messages in my inbox considered “white”, or only those from the time
I started using Spamsieve (~2/3 years ago) ?

Thank you for the comments
Best wishes

SpamSieve’s corpus of good messages contains the messages that you trained it with (using the Not Junk command), as well as certain other messages that you received while using SpamSieve that it thought were interesting.