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Finder/EF Library Mirroring/Integration

I suggest that EF library updates itself to mirror files added using the finder directly or deleted from the finder . This would solve I suppose syncing issues- ex using Chrono sync and allows more flexibility . Together does this , but then, it can not open multiple libraries . A second feature that is is useful from Together is side Tab like the EF pad but allows for searching, note, and adding selected texts (you cannot change libraries like EF however).BTW I am moving from Devonthink Pro Office V2 to EF because of the fantastic F1 key and tagging abilities and easily setting changing names of files,entries and tags from the contextual menu ! Global search is really needed and this Finder/EF library mirroring !

This would be useful and is planned, but it would not allow you to sync via ChronoSync because it wouldn’t address moves and modifications.

Thanks for the suggestions; I believe they’re already discussed in other threads in the forum.

Finder mirror/sync/integration
Michael ,
With the philosophy that EF is adopting vis a vis Finder integration, I believe this feature will complete the circle . Making a this request a feature of EF sooner rather than later will enhance user experience since it will allow using third party and Finder operation without having a later ‘clean-up’ chorus of going through files and worrying where those files are. Particularly with OpenMeta, it will for example allow me to us FolderX to save into EF folders knowing that EF will sync those files with its database and will allow me to tag them with the wonder seamless OM standard . Where does this sit in the on the ‘road map’ of EF development ? Rest assured once you implement this we will ask for other improvements !

It’s a high priority, but it’s also the kind of feature where it’s hard to know in advance what complications there will be in implementing it.

EagleFiler 1.5’s Scan for New Files feature will auto-detect new files that are added via the Finder.