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Folders Disappeared

I just noticed that several folders disappeared from Library/Records. It seems to be all the folders after the beginning letter of “M” (Mail folder).

Earlier this afternoon, I moved a file to a folder that is no longer listed. I looked at my backup drive and found the “Files” folder had all the missing folders (however, the backup is a week old). I lost files I saved the last couple of days.

I’ve quit and restarted EagleFiler (v. 1.4.5) without success. The folders are just gone. I was not doing any global cleanup or anything and have not even used Finder to view my EF folder where all the files reside.

Wait, I did get an ERROR dialog when starting up EF earlier today. I had sent the error to you. Was the starting up error the cause?

It looks like the crash that you reported earlier today was caused by Spell Catcher. I don’t think this crash caused any data loss.

When you say the folders are gone, do you mean they’re gone from EagleFiler’s window, or the Files folder in the Finder, or both?

The folders/sub-folders were missing from both EagleFiler and from Finder where the folders are stored. Strange.

I had to import the missing folders from backup.

Strange indeed. Since the folders are stored separately from EagleFiler’s database entries for them, I can think of only two ways the above could happen:

  1. The folders were accidentally moved to EagleFiler’s trash, and then the trash was emptied.
  2. There was some sort of disk problem that affected both the folders and EagleFiler’s database file.