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Gmail problems

I do not know if this is a SpamSieve issue, or something with G-Mail. After installing SpamSieve 2.9.12 a while back, suddenly G-Mail started being separated into folders I did not create (Archive, All G-Mail, and Important. In Apple Mail, I find no way to delete these mailboxes (nor at mail.google.com).

So my question is how to get incoming IMAP mail to go directly to the G-Mail inbox and bypass anything that SpamSieve might do? That way I can find out if it is SpamSieve or Google, and also get all G-Mail in one place and not scattered about. Will a Rule placed BEFORE the SpamSieve rule work?


Those are built-in Gmail features. I don’t think this has anything to do with SpamSieve.

If you log into Gmail and go to Settings > Label, you can turn off the labels that you don’t want and/or set them not to show via IMAP.

No, because the messages are moved by Gmail before they get to Apple Mail. So Apple Mail won’t even apply the rules to them.