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Happen to get multi windows for one library

When I click [Library]-[Records], I happen to get action of double click occasionally.
Then I can get another window for the same library [main].
The new window is titled as [main(2) - Records (13,034 records)]. After closing this window and I occasionally double click [Records], this time, I have [main(3) – Records (13,034 records)].

Is this correct action for EagleFiler?
If yes, what kind of purpose is this action aimed to?
It’s for opening & comparing two or more different records simultaneously?


Yes, you can open multiple windows to view different records simultaneously, to view different lists (e.g. tags or smart folders) at once, or to have different column configurations.

Thank you for kind reply as always.

Practically, this function is much convenient for me. I can get this “Open in New Window” function via:

  1. Double-click : Records, Sub folders, Trash, and Smart folders,
  2. Right-click and select [Open in New Window ] in Context menu : Records, Sub folders, and Trash (for Smart folders, this term is gray-outed for my environment),
  3. Select [Files] - [New Browser Window] in EagleFiler menu : tags, and almost other items.

Anyway, I have to read EF manual more thoroughly.

Thank you so much again.

Best regards,