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HELP! Spamsieve stopped working with update to Catalina

Migrated to a new iMac. My old iMac ran Mojave and the new iMac runs Catalina 10.15.7. Now SpamSieve moves spam to my Spam folder, but it does not mark it as spam nor prevent the emails from loading remote content. Thus it is not functioning as it has for several years for me.

I have already done: 1)the reinstall of the plugin, 2) checked that the plugin is activated and has permission in Privacy/Full Disk Access, 3) Checked that the Rule is correct, activated and at the top of the Rules.

Not sure what to do, but I can’t live without SpamSieve!!! Please help!!!


By default, SpamSieve does not block loading remote content on macOS 10.15 because of a bug in Mail that can prevent messages marked as junk from being moved to the proper mailbox. However, it’s possible that you are not affected by that bug, and you can re-enable the feature by clicking this link. (Click here to go back to the default.)

Another option would be to turn off Load remote content in messages completely in Mail.

Is everything else (i.e. the actual filtering) working properly?

Thanks. I’ll give that a try. For many years, I’ve always had my Spam folder/mailbox named —Spam in order to keep it at the top of my numerous extra folders. In trying to troubleshoot this issue, I changed it back to just Spam (which didn’t resolve the issue), but now knowing this is a Catalina issue, can I go ahead and change the folder back to —Spam?

Also, if in Catalina I can’t have it not load remote content (acknowledge the spam to the sender), as a workaround could I with the preview pane off select any spam I need to confirm whether it is or isn’t a spam, then use Mail’s Message/Move to Junk in order to safely view it?

UPDATE: After clicking that link, it still did not mark the incoming spam as Junk (do not load remote content). So I tried (with the preview pane closed) selecting it and using the Message/Move to Junk to move it to Mail’s Junk folder. That worked and it was then flagged as Junk with no remote content loading so that I could preview it without confirming my email to the spammer.

Sadly, that is a huge PITA method. I routinely end up with quite a few “new” emails that are put into the Spam folder by SpamSieve that require review to see if they actually belong there. Thus I cannot simply view them without having them marked as Junk/Do Not Load Remote Content. Hopefully you can figure out how to restore that CRITICAL part of SpamSieve soon.

The name doesn’t matter to SpamSieve. You can also (on Mac) change the mailbox order via drag and drop without renaming.

Yes, or you could turn off remote images in Mail’s preferences.

It applies to new messages filtered by SpamSieve after clicking the link and restarting Mail.

Yes, I did restart both Mail and SpamSieve, but still no luck on not loading remote content. Can’t turn it off for the entire app since I get a ton of “good” html emails, including those produced for clients. Thus I am really hoping that you can figure out how to get it working again in Catalina.

Thanks for the assistance. Been using this app for years!

Sorry, I had a typo in the link. Could you please try this?

Seems to be working now. Thanks!

One more question. Is it okay in the SpamSieve rule to also have it mark the spam as read? I’ve always had it set that way in the past, but with this issue I had reset everything as per the instructions. Hopefully that does not mess with SpamSieve nor send anything back to the spammer.

Yes, you can use any rule action except one that colors the message.

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Another interesting tidbit. I had created a new folder called “—Spam” and the app was putting new spam into that folder. However, when I found something in the Inbox and Trained As Spam (CTL-CMD), the app created a new folder called “—Spam” or the same name. What I have ended up doing is deleting the one I created, then redoing the Rule being sure to select the one created by the app. Only thing I can think is that since I have had this installed before, the app stored a folder with that name in its prefs, but saw it as different than the new one I had created.

There’s a separate setting for where to move messages when you train them.

Thanks. Been years since I installed it, so forgot about that! Once again, I should have read the manual/Help! Transitioning to Catalina has been a job and life without SpamSieve working isn’t worth living!!